The Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS)

The HHSRS is a risk-based evaluation tool to help local authorities identify and protect against potential risks and hazards to health and safety from any deficiencies identified in dwellings. It was introduced under the Housing Act 2004 and applies to residential properties in England and Wales.

The HHSRS assesses 29 categories of housing hazard. Each hazard has a weighting which will help determine whether the property is rated as having category 1 (serious) or category 2 (other).
The assessment is made based on the condition of the whole dwelling. This means that, before such an assessment can be made, a thorough inspection of the dwelling must be carried out to collect the evidence of the condition.

This will affect all owners and landlords, including social landlords. It focuses on identifying and tackling the hazards that are most likely to be present in housing to make homes healthier and safer to live in.

The system can deal with 29 hazards relating to:

  • Dampness, excess cold/heat
  • Pollutants e.g. asbestos, carbon monoxide, lead
  • Lack of space, security or lighting, or excessive noise
  • Poor hygiene, sanitation, water supply
  • Accidents e.g. falls, electric shocks, fires, burns, scalds
  • Collisions, explosions and structural collapse

Each hazard is assessed separately and if judged to be ‘serious’, with a ‘high score’, is deemed to be a category 1 hazard. All other hazards are category 2 hazards.

A risk assessment looks at the likelihood of an incident arising from the condition of the property and the likely harmful outcome. If a local authority discovers category 1 hazards in a home, it has a duty to take the most appropriate action.

MJH Enterprises will carry out an independent HHSRS inspection. The tenant may want to highlight a serious problem with the property to us.  If this is the case, we'll let the landlord/ letting agents know of the problem. 

We'll also do assessments for landlords who wish to be sure their property is not going to fall foul of any litigation.